Reading the Future ?

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As a rule I try to stay away from politics in my posts though given most of my topics it’s more often than not impossible to do so, in this particular instance it was totally unavoidable.

What is the Truth?

Fake news and propaganda are despicable, like most of you out their the idea that some people seemingly take pleasure from passing out mass lies as the truth is beyond me.

That said I do occasionally read some conspiracy theories because its right there in the name ‘theories‘ they don’t claim to be the truth just a possibility of what it could be and more often than not they have a tendency to give you more factual information than what is considered to be the factual news you get on you t.v set or in the newspaper every day, the only issue is, as with a t.v show or movie, is that many facts combined does not make something true, many people still believe that 221b Baker street is an actual address for example but it’s actually totally fictitious.

The best ‘media show’ that I can recall and also scared the ‘shit’ out of millions of Americans was the original radio broadcast of ‘War of the Worlds’ on the evening of October 30, 1938 which many listeners did not realise was not real.

Who do we trust ?

I think it is also important to say and the most worrying is that the people we turn to and should trust the most i.e. our government’s the World Health Organisation (WHO) and large newspaper organization’s for valid information and the basic truths of this epidemic are for the most part failing us. Many of the media companies are in essence parroting word for word what the government tells them with almost no questions asked.

In addition when these organisations tell you something is a lie or a ‘conspiracy theory’ it does not mean that is so, equally applies if they tell you something is true, you should always check that information from another source, ideally from a news outlet in a country not of your own if possible.

If this sounds like I have trust issues in governments and Mega sized news corporations you would be correct, here are a few quotes you will probably recognize.

Why do we trust them ?

“There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.”
“Cigarette smoking is no more ‘addictive’ than coffee, tea, or Twinkies.”

And most recently the very public lies in the UK are posted here and contain a link to the BBC’s Panorama program ‘Has the government failed the NHS ?’

random example of UK testing center PPE used by testerMy personal few is a resounding ‘yes‘, the above example picture quite clearly shows that those who are most at risk are wearing PPE that is woefully substandard the aprons appear to be more suitable in a food manufacturing or canteen environment and I have yet to see a picture of the N95 mask being used.

Health care workers use two kinds of N95 masks — surgical respirators (for working in a sterile field) and N95 respirators without valves. These masks have been in short supply and should only be worn by doctors, nurses, first responder’s and other health care workers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I have no doubt that news organisations outside of the UK and USA are just as poor as reporting local news however their reporting does seem to go up a notch when reporting stories in other countries which to me suggest that ‘the state’ does not allow them to report what needs to be said, but that’s my opinion.


Excuse the header but nothing else can describe the content below any better than it (within the confines of my teeny tiny brain)

The Below links are the reason I decided to write this post in the first place even though my brain has sent my own personal remarks of on a bit of a tangent (as it always does 🙁 )

The title to the first article threw me side ways but I found it from a link on another website which had gotten my brain fired up so I gave it a read and watched 1 of the videos which elicited from me OMG and WTF ???

Too put into perspective Event 201 ‘pandemic exercise’ took place on October 18th 2019. The post is extensive but worth reading, after that form your own judgement, me personally I will en-devour to look into these ‘organisations’ in more detail over time.

Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?

More corresponding links

Please, please, please find your own sources as well to confirm what I have posted here, I generally check with at least three sources minimum before I post anything.

And finally

This was not written to jump on Boris and Trump for being incompetent and blasé in this crisis, it has just highlighted the fact.

Feed back and constructive criticism is always welcome