PPE Farce

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This is partially from my point of view but I have added multiple links though-out the post to help give you a ‘wider’ picture.

For starters the UK death/survival ratio is based on the amount of positive cases that have been tested and only applies to those who have died in NHS hospitals and nursing homes with the latter being added on a weekly basis or longer (I think).

Also due to the complete and utter balls up by the government the number of tests they have done until recently has been extremely low and was even slower to get off the ground. The last month has seen a large increase in testing (according the their figures)

Who can be tested ?

I have put in individual links for each region as there appears to be some variations.





Lock Down

Personally I think the lock-down has helped save lives but the complete and utter lack of PPE available is an utter disgrace, more so given that the UK government was fully aware there was an issue with shortages 3 years prior to this disaster. Added to this despite our shortage, in April we were shipping millions of pieces of it to Europe (I do not know if we still are) https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/21/ppe-shipped-uk-europe-despite-severe-nhs-shortage-12586592/

1+1=3 ??? Bad mathematics

There is one fundamental difference between China and some other Asian countries versus Europe and the USA, they have a ton of PPE and everyone in their population has to wear it if they want to leave there homes.

In addition to this many counties have now made it compulsory to wear face masks https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/04/countries-wearing-face-masks-compulsory-200423094510867.html

It has been generally said by many health professionals that wearing a face mask will not stop you getting the virus, however if everyone wears one it will greatly reduce the spread https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/04/200403132345.htm

Both of these articles make valid points but I think the WHO can’t add up, I do understand that medical staff need the PPE but personally I think if the population as a whole has PPE or even a basic face mask then less people get infected and in turn the strain on health workers gets reduced.

So on the one hand you have China with tightly packed population of 1.4 billion and have currently recorded 4600 deaths vs the UK with a population of 67 million and 34600 recorded deaths. Maybe I am being simple here but to me I have to put it down to lack of PPE in this country.

Nt. Population and death figures taken from google search on 18th May 2020

I wear a biker ‘neck tube’ which I pull over over my face when I go shopping, as far as I am aware I do not have the virus but as (apparently) 80% of the population can get it and not know they have it/had it, I prefer to air on the side of caution for the benefit of the other 20%.

I read an article today (while writing this) that appeared in a few papers in the UK which was about a nurse bitterly complaining about the company Boohoo that were making ‘fashion accessory face masks’ and because of that complaint others of course ensued and they were removed from the market.

In my view I find this appalling, whilst I sort of understand the nurses reasoning that she felt that the company was belittling health care workers that lacked PPE, by stopping peoples access to this item could may well have actually cost more lives and put more people in hospitals, as it stands now most people are having to make do with DIY masks if they feel they need them.

Beyond the limit

As it stands all health professionals are stretched way way beyond their limits and it has been suggested many could suffer from PTSD and other forms of psychological trauma at the end of the epidemic if not before, due to the massively high stress levels that they have to endure, which are made even worse by the fact they are losing colleagues as well as patients.

I watched an Aljazeera stream the other day (Coronavirus: The mental health battle faced by medical workers) which interviewed three doctors (One British and two Americans) who all agreed that the ‘heroes’ pedestal that has been placed upon them on has only added to their burden as some felt that they needed to take extra shifts to live up to ‘expectations’ on them. I would highly recommend watching the entire stream because it shows the stark reality of what health professionals are having to deal with.

Figure fixing

I read a comment yesterday that said the figures have been artificially increased in the UK but I think the opposite is true.

Read the facts here https://fullfact.org/health/covid-deaths/

Good article on PPE manufacture, logistics etc https://www.wired.co.uk/article/ppe-shortage

The two meter rule

On a side note and this maybe me just being me but the 2 meter (6  foot) rule is nonsense, I have no idea where the government got the number from but wtf???

I can only assume because lets face it getting a straight answer out of a politician has never been easy even before the pandemic that they mean (but have not stated) if you are having a face to face conversation with someone not from your household, I can not think of any other reason as water vapour will hang in the air for an undetermined period of time and travel further than two meters

A visual representation of this is vaping.

The image shows how the vapour hangs in the air, your breath is very similar but aside from when it’s very cold you can’t see it, hence this representation, this does not mean that e-cigs transmit the disease. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8143385/Coronavirus-NOT-spread-vape-clouds-unless-e-cigarette-user-coughs.html

More than anything I hope that the information I have linked here you will find useful.

I hope I have not offended anyone, but I suspect I probably have in some elements of the post, my opinions are just that, mine, it’s up to you to form your own.


Feed back and constructive criticism is always welcome