Eco Toilet Paper

Why should you buy eco-friendly toilet tissue?

Toilet tissue is made from virgin wood. It seems rather ridiculous, but in order to make toilet tissue trees are cut down. Even tissue with an FSC logo can be made from virgin wood, because FSC certification only means that a company is using sustainable practices.

According to the Guardian, the average Briton uses 50 toilet rolls each year, a massive environmental impact in and of itself, but astronomical when you consider that most commercial toilet tissue is made using harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, and all of those fancy patterned and scented tissues contain chemical fragrances, lotions and dyes. These things are horrible to introduce into the environment and can adversely affect the tissue’s ability to biodegrade. They can also irritate sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions. By purchasing recycled toilet tissue, especially one containing locally sourced materials, zero chemicals and even recyclable packaging, you ensure that you reduce your carbon footprint and the affect our toilet tissue has on our planet.

All of the products below are eco-friendly in every sense i.e unbleached, not scented and FSC Certified.

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