Battery Explosion

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The title of this particular article is pretty much too the point and the items linked could well save your life for a matter of a few pounds.

There are many reasons to dispose of your batteries blah blah blah but one very important one can be ‘solved very easily.

If the wrapper on your battery is scratched or has a nick in its wrapper which is quite common this could (and has happened to some) cause the battery to go boom either in its charger or in the device your using it in e.g camera, e-cig etc.

PVC heat-shrink wrappers are extremely cheap to buy but you do need a heat gun to apply them, some people say that a hair dryer is sufficient but I know from experience that it can make the batteries either very snug in your device or just so tight that once they are in you may have to take your device apart just to get them out again. It is also important to remove the original wrapper first, again some would say a double wrapped battery is safer but yet again it would make the battery bigger and we are back to an over tight fit again which in turn could increase the likely-hood of the scratching the battery ironically (I know this from experience) 


This video is a perfect example of why you should keep your batteries in a case and NOT loose in your pocket.


Another good way to keep yourself safe is to invest in a battery case, the example shown holds two batteries and has a splitter to keep you batteries apart just in case you batteries skins are damaged,

Battery Choice

Using the right type of battery for your device is paramount, as an ecig user for about 8 years you would think I would have gone through a ton of batteries.

I tried multiple makes such as eFest and Torchy but they all died in quick succession, which given their cost made me very unhappy to say the least (I will let you decide which expletives I used 🙂 ) 

Finally I came across the Samsung INR18650 25 R (20 A / 2,500 mAh) on a vaping forum and I have been using them continuously for about 2 years which given I use about 6 batteries a day I would say that is very impressive. I don’t think there is ever a time when my charger isn’t on the go.

I will not state they are the best vaping battery you can buy (just the best that I have bought so far)

Other Brands

.eFest and Torchy which I mentioned previously buy in cells from other manufacturers and re-wrap them with there own branding, this does not mean they are inherently bad but they do have a tendency to overstate how good they are.

Sony as with Samsung make their own and from articles I have read whilst creating this post are also very good such as their Sony VTC4 (20 to 30 A / 2,100 mAh) and VTC5A (25 to 30 A / 2,500 mAh)

keenstone battery charger


Most vapers who use mods have an interest in finding the best 18650 battery charger. Some mods come with in-built batteries, but many require separately-purchased batteries an offer more flexibility and longevity as a result. But not all vape charger units are created equally. Not only can the prices vary, the charging speed and the reliability of the chargers can differ substantially.

Finding the best vape battery charger means considering various factors including safety, accuracy and how many batteries it can support. Most chargers do the job well enough for most purposes.


I have very poor opinions about many of the review sites when it comes to chargers as they generally only state how well they work when they are brand new and not after they have had continuous use after say 6 months.

I have owned a Nightcore charger which is considered to be one of the best chargers on the market then and now, however having a device that has all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean squat when the springs give out and you can no longer use it. Previous charger brands I have owned I honestly can not remember the brands but they all suffered from the same consequence in under 12 months.

Before you make your purchase I would suggest checking out either independent review sites or feedback from Amazon or eBay consumers (if the device is sold there ofc) as often they will give you a more accurate picture on build quality.

My current charger (pictured) is a Keenstone, I have owned it for about a year and at this point the springs are as solid now as the day it arrived

Will add additional information at a later date.

Feed back and constructive criticism is always welcome