Urban ecology affects us all and many of us now appreciate the necessity for recycling and re using old products.

This ‘blog’ side of the site is all about giving you informed choices on all aspects of environment and health, the three R’s, future technologies and on the lighter side ‘green’ artwork made either made from recycled items or computer art/media associated on the green theme. I try to write as many stories myself, but some articles will be re-post’s of issues I have interests in.

I am not a professional writer nor am I particularly amazing at it, I write stories based on what I find interesting and do my best to collate as much information as I can to give you my reader an informed choice. I try to stay unbiased but on some topics where I have personal knowledge I do state my own opinions.

The shop section of this site aims to help you find the items you want to purchase and in turn the sellers who either resell or manufacture ‘green’ products, each category section will link you through to the appropriate sellers without the need for you to search through the plethora of eBay sellers via direct links to either the sellers front page or in some cases to specific items.

Some store links are associated to green living, for example, garden ornaments are not specifically green themselves but are to enhance green environments.

I am doing store links for both the UK and the USA to give more variety as I have discovered in some cases even with the import fees its worth buying some items from across the pond.

Disclaimer: Please note that I will earn a commission if you purchase through the shop links (at no extra cost to you) this will go towards covering my host fees. I will endeavor to make sure that all sellers listed will have good standing and do sell what they claim to sell e.g natural soap that is actually natural and not just pretty looking, smelly and full of all the chemical rubbish your trying to avoid in the first place ref : clean-and-healthy.

Full Disclaimer

Additionally I can not be held responsible for any issues you have with the sellers or their products, any problems that you may get should be taken up with them.